MYSTORYI was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa.  My family and I moved to England when I was 14 and a year later we packed up to move to Florida, USA, where my home has been since.
animalsAs a child, I have always been very drawn to animals. All creatures.  As I grew older, my love for birds, dogs and elephants grew in particular.  I can recall many a days sitting up on our roof top with my favorite book, the “Field Guide to Birds of East Africa,” watching the migratory birds fly over our roof top quickly flicking through the pages to mark the ones I saw that particular season.

My most favorite family vacations were the safaris; this is really where my love, respect and appreciation for animals stemmed from.  During these experiences, I took very seriously wild life observation etiquette… to this day it has allowed me the opportunity to some of the most profound experiences I have had in documenting the relationship between humans and street dogs around the world.

My child hood dream was to help prevent the extinction of Elephants.  Moving away from Kenya, was one of the most troublesome segments of my life… in more ways than one, and knowing I would not get that opportunity here, I spent days, months and years drawing from the precious experiences I was so lucky to have, to build a future that’s just a little different than my childhood dream.

I feel very strongly about wild animals that have the need for space and need to roam be restricted to captivity.  In my presentation “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” I talk about in depth the evolution of an animal raised in the wild, the challenges of being brought into captivity, and its future for being able to reproduce to offspring that can live out tomorrow.”  Here I talk about how dogs have evolved (or not) and I share stories from my travels to many developing countries where animals still roam freely.

Through my research and fieldwork the animals I have encountered have taught me a lot about what I know, teach and apply as a dog trainer today.  I have followed only two species (Homo Sapiens and Canines) through many forms of existences documenting their relationships as collaborative and cooperative in an attempt to better understand the abnormal non-collaborative and non-cooperative forms of existences.

I find dogs to be very fascinating.  Their need for co-dependency has allowed them to be one of the only creatures that possess the ability, desire and values (intrinsic and extrinsic) to endure the pressure man kind imposes to co-exist and co-habitate.

There is so much we can learn from the natural environments that animals choose to live in, and conditions they seek to make them the strongest in survival.  I look forward to the opportunity to share with others the lessons I have taken with me to be able to create the University of Doglando, an enrichment campus for restricted canine companions; a place where dogs can be dogs and live a fruitful and purpose full lifestyle.

My Philosophy: Adaptive and Collaborative