field-workI love dogs, but more, I love learning how the human dog relationship and how different cultures impact the relationship between this duo.  My passion though, is studying free roaming dogs.  It is these experiences that have taught me most of what I know and allow me the insight on a dog’s true needs.

I have traveled to many places, Western and Developing communities; the existence of dogs differs like night and day.  Almost so much, that I often feel we may as well refer to them as two different species… much like the Wolf and the Dog.  Through my travels, my interests are in learning, documenting and observing:

World Wide Barks: 2002 – Ongoing

  • Study through travel and documentation of the human dog relationship around the world and the impact culture has on this relationship.
  • Capture moments that document intra-species co-existence, co-habitation, co-operation and co-llaboration
  • Field studies on the existence of free roaming, domesticated un-restricted canines (wild, feral, quasi).
  • Documentation of the evolution of dogs, their historic purpose through utility today and projection of their future.
  • The differences in aptness of a free roaming dog and companion dog, in its ability to thrive, tolerate and absence of anxiety, aggression, arousal.
  • Skills developed necessary for survival – comparing restricted and unrestricted dogs.
  • Study of social aptness, sociability and play – When, Why, How long?
  • What is enrichment and in what manner does it exist: Wild and Domestic
  • Quality of live vs. quantity of life: assessing the happiness, not a measure of science.


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I am intrigued by the utility of today’s dog.  In many Countries, certain breeds of dogs continue to thrive and be enriched by living the life they were bred to live.  For example, in the mountains of Italy, farmers still continue using Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGD’s) to protect and guard their stock from prey.  While I have not yet had the opportunity to visit their work (farmers and dogs), I have observed a variety of other forms of “real” (who’s breeding, purpose and lifestyle are of single purpose) working dogs: Search and Rescue, Detection, Hunting, and Herding dogs.

In comparison, a lot of my work experiences come from the companion dog sector:

  • Animal training: the art, the science and the practicality of today’s training.
  • Neonatal Development: Should we intervene, when and how?  Lessening the importance of mum, our impacts and their ramifications.
  • Veterinary Practices: Creating positive experiences for life.
  • Canine Enrichment vs. Dog Daycare: What is Enrichment?  The differences, and how to make the transition from daycare to enrichment.
  • Animal shelters: Over population: looking at the pieces of the pies that make it a whole.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to follow the work of a rescue organization called Partners! Canines.  Based out of Raleigh, NC, this organization and their partnership and collaborative efforts with Northshore Animal League America, in NY, work together to save the lives of highly adoptable puppies and dogs from high kill shelters (as high as 97%).  They are transported to NY, where they are placed in permanent,  life-long homes in less than 2 weeks.  They transport upwards of 65 dogs every two weeks.