Teena offers seminars on a range of subjects suitable for: Veterinarians, dog professionals (trainers and behavior specialists), dog daycare operators, pet parents & animal rescues/shelters (private and municipal).

  • Animal Training: the art, the science and the practicality of today’s training.
  • Neonatal Development: Should we intervene, when and how?  Why lessening the importance of mum contributes to under development of puppies; our impacts and their ramifications.
  • Veterinary Practices: Creating positive experiences for life.
  • Canine Enrichment vs. Dog Daycare: What is Enrichment?  The differences, and how to make the transition from daycare to enrichment.
  • Animal Shelters: Over population: looking at the pieces of the pies that make it a whole.
  • The Evolution of the Companion Dog: taking a look at their mental, physiological and physical capabilities and capacities based on performance and utility: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.



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